Indesign auto column width size for table based on the data containing?

I have a lot of tables that designers have to adjust slightly to fit the content. This takes a large amount of time in our process and I would like to know if there is anyway to skip this? Perhaps a custom script?

If not, could you suggest what I should do? How would I go about creating my own script to auto-fit the columns to the data?

Also the table must always be 100% of the available width (normally into a text-box)


If the table width must stay the same the only logical way is to change the row height to at least, as this would allow to automatically fit content.

If you want to change the cell width this could be a problem, as the table could become wider than the containing page. While page size is not an issue in Excel, InDesign is built around print, so you need to keep your content inside the page.

Source : Link , Question Author : Totty.js , Answer Author : Lucian

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