Indesign Catalog with data merge

i’m working on a tools catalog made in CorelDRAW but i want to move it in Indesign. The catalog is separated by multiple categories from mechanical tools to wood and plastic products, electrical and so on (~5000 products plus products that have different characteristics).

What i want to do:
-i want to make a database in excel with fields and add those fields in the Indesign template.

My problem:
-how do i make indesign to add automatically the number of lines for products with more characteristics?

Here is an example:
enter image description here

Some products have one characteristic and some products have 20 or more


This is quite technical and not possible using the built-in Data Merge logic. By default, Data Merge will only work with a specific number of table rows, and does not create ‘as many table rows as needed’.

Source : Link , Question Author : speeder , Answer Author : Lucian

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