InDesign CC: Can you spellcheck by style?

I have an enormous conference book which includes over 100 pages of attendee names with their titles and companies. I don’t want to spellcheck the names of the people, but I do want to check titles (Presdient, Grwoth, etc.). Is there a way to select only one style for spellchecking, or to remove a style from being spellchecked?


In Paragraph Style Options, under Advanced Character Formats, there is a dropdown for Language. Select [No Language] at the top of the menu.

Because there’s no language selected, InDesign doesn’t have a dictionary to check against, so it ignores the style.

So if I have a list of 2,000 people and I change the Name style to [No Language], ID does not spellcheck anything in that style. I can now spellcheck the rest of the story easily.

(The one caveat to this method is that ID also uses the spellchecking dictionary for hyphenation, so if you need anything in that style hyphenated, you have to restore the style to whatever language it was after you spellcheck everything else.)

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