InDesign CS5: How to create a contact sheet automatically?

I know the instructions exist. I have tried them repeatedly and they simply don’t make sense. Can someone explain the steps a little better? (Reading down the list of comments, I’m not the only confused person. The last comment on the page was a second attempt at explaining the process, and I’m still not getting the cursor I should get.)

When I try to place several images at once, I get a loaded cursor icon, but all that ever happens is that I’m placing one image after another, in individual boxes, which is not what I want. How is it supposed to work?


Ah, welcome to Gridify! It’s not the most transparent of features, but it is way cool for placing a bunch of images. Jing’s not going to let me grab the screenshots I’d need, so I’ll point you to Michael Ninness’ video that demonstrates it beautifully.

The trick is, you press the arrow keys while you are dragging out the first frame to create the grid, but as you’ll see in the video there’s way more to gridify than just that. At the end he demos what might be (but isn’t) called “spacify.” It’s also way cool.

Source : Link , Question Author : Lauren-Clear-Monica-Ipsum , Answer Author : Alan Gilbertson

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