InDesign CS6 – form with umlauts

I can’t insert umlauts or a sharp s in Acrobat after I created the form with InDesign CS6.

Does anyone a similar problem / can help me with this?
I suppose it has to do something with UTF-8 encoding but I have no idea where to look at. I’d be thankful for any tips with Acrobat or InDesign


Alright, I found a (not so great) solution. Adobe Acrobat Pro -> Tools -> Forms -> Edit -> double click the field -> Appearance -> change font to Tahoma or similar. But is there a way to adjust that in InDesign?


The easiest thing to do is to add umlaut-ed characters and the scharfes s to your document while creating it in InDesign. Many fonts already support these characters – access them in the Glyphs palette (Alt-shift-F11) – I use this so much it’s permanently docked in my workspace!

Source : Link , Question Author : nihilistenhymne , Answer Author : Dianne

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