inDesign document becomes “unsaved” after pdf export

just wondering if I’m going crazy or there’s a legitimate reason for this.
Whenever I pop open an inDesign document and export it to PDF, my document becomes “unsaved” as if I did changes to it.

However, all I did was Export. As far as I know, Export isn’t supposed to change anything to the state of the document, no?

Should I re-save after an export?
It’s a bit of an annoyance, I often forget this happens and I always wonder if I accidentally moved a textbox or if it’s just my export.



The InDesign document stores the name of the PDF you exported. That way the next time you export the file name will be the same.

So after you export, the document is unsaved because it wants to include the actual PDF file name you used, that’s all.

You can choose to save or ignore. It doesn’t really matter.

Other Adobe apps do the same thing at times: Why an unsaved asterisk appears after saving for web?

Source : Link , Question Author : Benjamin Smith , Answer Author : Community

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