InDesign document needs to be converted to Word or similar program

I have an inDesign file, a booklet of mostly text in a table (names addresses etc) and my client would like the file set up so they can edit it themselves, add to the table. Is there a way to convert my inDesign file to a template/editable format (not PDF) in a more common program such as Word, whilst keeping my formatting/fonts? They do not have inDesign or inCopy.


You can actually export as .doc from InDesign, sort of.

Export your INDD as PDF (File > Export > Adobe PDF), and then save the PDF as a Word Document (File > Save as > Microsoft Word).

You can also export the PDF to HTML, and open it in Word, but it looks like it’s not recommended.

In this Adobe forum thread some users mention two programs that you might be interested in trying if you want to do INDD to DOC automatically: Rorohiko Text Exporter and PDF to Word Converter. I haven’t tried them.

In general, I would recommend you design directly in Word (or equivalent, but Word is probably the most familiar program), as any conversion will affect your layout or quality.

You can find the complete list of InDesign’s exporting formats and options here.

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