Indesign: Error encountered while reading JPEG

Does anybody know how to fix this error? It doesn’t say anywhere what image gives the error. Preflight doesn’t show either. Its hard to figure out which image it is when i have used several jpeg files in my layout.

Export: … Failed. See Alert.

Error encountered while reading JPEG image. Image may be damaged or incompatible. Resave the image with different settings and try again.

enter image description here


The alert box does not say what the damaged JPG is? How many JPGs are placed in your INDD? If not many, you can take a few minutes and with the “process of elimination” start deleting 1 JPG at a time and try re-exporting as PDF. If there are a lot of JPGs in the INDD, still do the “process of elimination” BUT try deleting entire pages. There’s no telling what’s broken about the JPG without Photoshop, but you can at least find the culprit.

Source : Link , Question Author : spyrotor , Answer Author : jhurley

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