InDesign: export single pages as spreads

There seems to be a lot of guides out there on how to convert spreads to single pages in InDesign… but what about the other way round?

E.g. I’m currently setting up a brochure (with facing pages) so that it is print-ready (so splitting into single pages). Once it is print-ready I’d still like to be able to export a version of the PDF as spreads.

But there doesn’t seem to be a way to go about it? If I try exporting as spreads, the PDF just comes out with single-pages as it is in the InDesign file.

I would have thought this would be an easy feature to implement.


All you need to do is “shuffle” your single pages so they are set up in spreads:

enter image description here

Note: You don’t have to use a 2-page master if you don’t need variations between the left and right pages. You can use the same master page for all pages if it is appropriate. The animation above, while showing the concept, was originally created to show how to handle bleeds. In that instance a 2-page master was necessary.

This is still configured as a non-facing pages (single pages) document.

Then, even though the document is configured as single pages, you can merely tick the Spreads option when exporting to PDF to get spreads. Or not tick Spreads and get single pages upon export.

Related: How to create a document with alternating (left and right) master pages without working in spreads? although this question was more about bleeds, it’s the same overall methodology.

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