InDesign, how do I make chapters vary in colour scheme?

I’m new to InDesign and am working on a catalogue for my company. I’d like each catalogue chapter to have a different colour scheme – e.g. chapter 1 uses blues, chapter 2 uses reds, etc.

I’ve designed master pages, so is there a way to use those masters for my pages while changing the colour swatches used? That is to say, I’d like to be able to change a page’s colour scheme while having it still use the masters.

The best approach I’ve found so far is to override the master elements whose colour I want to change and then change it manually. This works, but it is tedious. Also, when I change text in my masters, it does not change on pages where that text frame was overridden.

Is there a better way to do this? Thanks!


You can simply change the color on your associated master pages.

  1. Master Page A is red, applied to pages 1 through 15
  2. Master page B is orange, applied to pages 16 through 20
  3. Master page C is blue, applied to pages 21 through 25

And so on…

Remember you can apply master pages to other master pages. So you can set up a master page for common, non color-altered elements and apply that to all the other master pages.


In the image above Master page A contains common elements, then is applied to all other (chapter) master page sets.

To answer your specific question about swatches… no, you can’t have “swatch sets” or any other “theme-like” settings which can be applied to pages as a whole.

Source : Link , Question Author : rrwick , Answer Author : Scott

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