InDesign: how to have editors collaborate on the content

We’re working on a magazine in Adobe InDesign. Is there a way to include the text content dynamically, so that a person who doesn’t have InDesign can edit the text and the edits will automatically be reflected in the source file?


If you use XML to import content, then it is possible to update the content if the manuscript changes. The XML shows up as a link in the palette and shows the yellow triangle if the file is changed, and can be managed just like art.

If you don’t use XML for content, then Adobe does offer InCopy, which has the added benefit that the editor can see the text within the layout. We’ve looked into it from time to time, but the associated costs holds us back (not that XML is a cakewalk either).

Source : Link , Question Author : Dan Burzo , Answer Author : Philip Regan

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