InDesign: How to restore text-frame position/size to be managed by the master page instead of the actual page?

I have some designer that moved slightly a text-frame and in order to be managed again by the master page we need to remove the page and create a new one inserting the content in it.

Is there any different way to do it?

I would like to be able to restore the “power” of positioning/size to the master page because now we need to change the master-page to position the text-frame a little bit to the right and in the case above mentioned will not be updated.



Select the offending text frame, and open the Palette options in the Pages palette. Choose ‘Master Pages’ > ‘Remove Selected Local Overrides’.

This makes the text frame obey the Master again. It does, however, also remove the frame’s content and locks it again. You’ll have to re-unlock it and re-add the content.

Source : Link , Question Author : Totty.js , Answer Author : Vincent

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