InDesign inline column reflow?

In InDesign, I know that I can break a text box into columns pretty easily by selecting it and playing with these options:

Text box column options

I also know that I can set up the margins and columns and then use linked text boxes to do columns:

Linked text box columns

However, neither of these do what I want to do, and I haven’t really found a really elegant solution, so I thought I’d ask here.

I have one-column text box, but I want to do some columns, like this:

What I want to do

This is easy to do in Word – you select the text you want to reflow, go to Page Layout > Columns, pick a number, and you’re more or less set. But is there a way to do the same thing in InDesign? I’ve done things like tabbing and separate text boxes, but these are not very elegant solutions.


Inline columns are done with Paragraph Styles. Create a style, double-click to edit the style, and look for the Span Columns option on the left:

"Span Columns" screenshot

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