InDesign: manual line break and justified text

I have the following problem:

Hi have a numbered list in which one of the paragraphs has a manual linebreak. Now normally this would not be a problem, however since I have set my text to justified, InDesign spaces that line out to ridiculous extents …

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InDesign does not show this behaviour with a “normal” carriage return. However by doing this my paragraph is of course split into two entries of my numbered list, which is not what I want:

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Is there a way to format the text so that it does not get spaced out that much? Maybe a special setting for “justify text” which I haven’t found yet that keeps InDesign from justifiying text if it reaches a certain threshold.


Here’s what I suggested in the comments in more detail.

Indesign list numbering can continue from the previous, meaning that you can divide a list into multiple paragraphs maintaining the list form. So basically you style every second paragraph not to have the list numbering.

You can take the existing list Paragraph style and duplicate it. You can find duplicate option from the context list if you right click the list paragraph style.

For this example, I named my paragraph styles: List - Heading and List - Body

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  1. In List - Heading options make the next style List - Body

  2. Make sure that List - Heading has Mode set to Continue from previous number.

  3. Remove the numbering from the body paragraph style…

  4. Adjust justify and indents of the body paragraph style…

So as long as you format the text just like in your second example image, you now have a list with headings..

enter image description here
enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : CrazyQwert , Answer Author : Joonas

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