InDesign: removing stroke changes object size

In Indesign CC 2015, when I create a shape, by default it will add a black stroke to it. So if I need to create a 2 inches square for example, it will be 2 inches stroke included. But if I take off that stroke, but square will become 1,9861 inches. It does not do that in Illustrator. This is really annoying when trying to make some blocks for guiding me. I create my shape at the size I need, take off the stroke to see it better, and then I have to resize it to the size I want.

Is there a way to make it like Illustrator? Change it so adding or removing a stroke won’t affect the size of the element?


This is common issue. In the Control panel menu located in the far upper-right corner of your screen, you’ll notice an option ‘Dimensions Include Stroke Weight’. (via InDesignSecrets).

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Source : Link , Question Author : Danimp , Answer Author : Lucian

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