InDesign text variable: number of first page of section

What I want to achieve is a journal style header showing the start and end page numbers of an article:

Journal name Vol X, Issue Y (2016): m-n                                 (#)

where m is the start page# of this article, and n is the end page# of this article.

If I separate articles into Sections, then I can get the number n from text variables Last Page Number with the scope set to “Section”. But how can I get the first-page number of a section?

Is there another way to achieve this than text variables?


I have a little hacky solution:

  1. Create an paragraph style and name it something like “First page”.
  2. Create a new text variable based on “Running Header” and choose the new paragraph style as “Style”.
  3. Insert this new text variable as your “first page number”.
  4. Create a text frame. Insert a “Current Page Number” character and apply the “First page” style. It now contains the current page number.
  5. Paste this text frame onto the first page of every section. The text frame must overlap the page but sized so the number stays outside the page. It can be on a locked layer but sadly enough not on a master page. (The text could be part of the main text flow instead. Maybe the first paragraph after the header? Then it could be inserted using “Find/Change”.)

This should do the trick but maybe there is too much manual work?

Source : Link , Question Author : John Doe , Answer Author : Wolff

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