Individual shapes, turn into one shape

This is really frustrating me, as it seems it should be so simple.

I was sent a PDF map, and I want to turn what they used as individual shapes, INTO one shape that I can fill.

Even if I could just convert this group into a line with a stroke I could do it, but I am running out of ideas.


The shape above, each of those squares are indivudual shapes. But what I need to do is fill that area inside them.

Any ideas?

I have tried turning it into a compound shape, I have tried live paint (even though I knew that wouldnt work because of the gaps).


One way is to add an outline to all the singular shapes, thick enough to fill the gaps. Then use “Expand Appearance” on all objects. Select all and use “Unite” in the pathfinder Tool window. The objects should now form a single shape which you can work with.

Source : Link , Question Author : StuckOnThisForever , Answer Author : Mikael Carlsson

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