Inkscape: Adding an item to a distribution

I am aware of the “align and distribute” options in Inkscape. However, often I find myself having an existing distribution (e.g. 3 items with equal distances X) that I want to add another item to. I want to keep the distance X between all existing items and add the new item at a distance X from the last item. Just using “align and distribute” again is not useful, since it changes the positions of the other items. In pictures: I have items A, B and C aligned thus (with the distance X):

A <-X-> B <-X-> C

and I want to add another item C like this:

A <-X-> B <-X-> C <-X-> D

If I just add it to the row, select all elements, and use align and distribute->make horizontal gaps equal, I will get

A <-X'-> B <-X'-> C <-X'-> D

with X’ different from X, unless I had already put D exactly at distance X from C.

Is there a way to achieve what I am trying to do?


Distribute making horizontal gaps equal keeps the rightmost and leftmost items as is, the rest of the objects move. If you want to insert a new object to the left or to the right and keep the rest in their original places use a measuring block – a temporary rectangle like the green one in the next sequence:

enter image description here

Learn the snapping options carefully to be able to place the items exactly. The magenta triangle didn’t settle vertically to the same line before aligning the whole row vertically. Alternatively a horizontal guide would help as well. Some other programs keep the item selected either first or last as reference, but that’s not true in Inkscape.

Source : Link , Question Author : Garanthor , Answer Author : user287001

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