inkscape: An easy way to make a Bezier curve with a white border?

I’d like to be able to draw a black Bezier curve of arbitrary shape which has a white border to it (the centre of the curve being black). Is there an easy way to do this?

For instance, see the attached image. It’s easy to do what I want for a straight line by just copying the original bezier curve, increasing the width and pasting on top of the original. But it doesn’t quite work as well when there are curves; see the curve in the figure whose left border is thicker than the right.

Examples of Bezier curves with borders.  The straight line is what I'd like, a bezier curve with an even white border around it. The left is a naive attempt at doing the same when a curve is involved.  The borders don't work out as smoothly.


You can convert your stroke to path. It can have different fill and stroke colors:

enter image description here

Here a wide red stroke is drawn. Its converted to path (Path > Stroke to Path). A black stroke is added like to any closed shape.

If you need open ends, you can add a clipping mask. It’s done in bottom line.

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