Inkscape: Caps on lines are always black

If I use a cap on a line, usually so I can make an arrow, it is always black despite the stroke color. Is this a bug or am I not understanding something?

two arrows. the second is on a darker background and its arrow tip is the wrong color


From the Inkscape Wiki:

By default, markers are black. You can change their color to match the color of the stroke of the object they are applied to by enabling an effect: Extensions > Modify Path > Color Markers to Match Stroke.

You will have to apply this after you had drawn the line and defined the marker.

enter image description here

For a text based approach we may also edit the resulting .SVG file for a given marker to edit the path style as follows:

     ... />

Replace <color> with the desired marker color in 6 digit RGB hexadecimal notation (eg. #ff0000 for red).

Source : Link , Question Author : Wray Bowling , Answer Author : Takkat

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