Inkscape convert Text Path to ‘simpler’ path?

I need to convert simple letters that are paths in Inkscape to even simpler primitive object,, in this case letter K from 12 nodes to path with 6 nodes,, enter image description here

I don’t think that this is simple task and that it’s doable inside Inkscape interface, but if anyone has some ideas or suggestions how to approach this please share, ,thanks


Can I ask what is your goal or purpose for such text?

There is an extension that is included with the latest Inkscape called Hershey Text than can output single stroke or multiple stroke lettering. The extension is explained here:

The extension is found under:

  • Inkscape < 1.0: Extensions > Render > Hershey Text
  • Inkscape >= 1.0: Extensions > Text > Hershey Text...

Here’s a screenshot of the Extension in action

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Kresimir Pendic , Answer Author : hoijui

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