Inkscape custom pattern – scaling and adjusting issue (or bug)?

So I created this custom pattern #2548 like shown below, and applied the pattern to a plain circle.

Custom pattern creation and application

Instantly when applying the pattern to the circle, it is applied like five times bigger than it was created. Why is that, and how can I apply a custom pattern in its original size as it has been created to shapes?

Also, when I create a pattern this way and then try to adjust its size or angle with the Node Tool, why is it that the adjusting nodes appear like half a meter off the page?

Nodes for adjusting pattern are way off the page

Is this a bug?

Explanations or help much appreciated.

Inkscape version is 1.1-dev (78e9eb4, 2020-12-04)

Here’s the Inkscape file


Yeah, I’ve noticed this before especially in Inkscape 1.0. It’s quite annoying. I’d say it’s probably a bug because I don’t remember the problem existing in 0.92.

But anyway, as for a fix, you can click and drag the X to bring the pattern controls closer to your object, and you can adjust scaling and rotation of the pattern using the controls.

For example

enter image description here

And just to check this still renders OK in browsers here’s the optimized SVG for that one object I adjusted. Looks OK in Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

Another possible workaround I found is to open the document properties, set units to px, and scaling to 1. This seems to fix the pattern scaling issue. Ultimately, I think this must be the real source of the bug. Changing a documents units shouldn’t change the behaviour of Inkscape’s patterns.


enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : David.P , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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