Inkscape division action seems to shorten lines

I’m having issues with the Path Division tool. I have a shape which I would like to divide according to a set of combined paths, as seen below.

enter image description here

First, I select the path to split by, then the shape underneath (in this case the white continent). I then go to Path -> Division. However, the result is not as expected. I’ve shaded the regions to highlight the problem.

enter image description here

The lines seem to be shorter than they were drawn and are consequently not splitting properly. Does anyone know what the problem could be? All help is very appreciated.


Inkscape definitely does not shorten lines. I reconstructed your drawing and Inkscape properly splits the shape with combined paths:

Here is what almost certainly happened (of course without seeing your SVG I cannot be 100% sure): Could it be that you had your line caps set to “Square cap” instead of “Butt cap”?

In that case some of your drawn paths would appear to be overlapping at the end, but they’re actually not:

When you combine the paths and do the division, you end up with the exact artifacts that you observed:

Source : Link , Question Author : user57724 , Answer Author : KlaasNotFound

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