Inkscape: Dropped shadows are always cut off. How to prevent this?

When applying a drop-shadow filter in Inkscape, the shadow is totally cutoff and not resized properly. The paths are ungrouped and just a simple connected path that has fill and stroke style.

The shadow shall not be an offsetted shadow, it shall be a glow effect with 5px radius in all directions.

  • How do I prevent a cut-off of the dropped shadow?
  • How to fix the bounding-box (if there is any)?

cut off shadows


After applying drop shadow effect, go to Filters-Filter editor dialog box.At the bottom of the dialog box there is Filter general settings tab for changing the co ordinates & dimensions. Adjust the value until you get a drop shadow following the path without any break.

Image1-Drop shadow with default filter setting valuesdefault

Image2-Drop shadow after changing the coordiantes to -2 & dimensions to 5enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : user3400700 , Answer Author : chanduc

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