Inkscape: (easy) way to create curly brace / bracket?

How do you draw a transformable (rotation, resize, …) curly brace or bracket (this: { }) in Inkscape?

I am aware of this thread and its solutions.
One can import such an item from Openoffice, or import an SVG drawing of brackets from for example this. Yet another option is to type it as text, transform it to path, and do some point editing.
With this later option, I can’t change the stroke size (unless I manually do some point editing), so I end up with a bracket with a thick line width, which is not a good option for me.

Is there any other, more convenient way?


Use the standard bezier tool to create three anchor points. Then hold shift and move the control handles to change the curvature of the bezier path. The final step is to set the Join type to Bevel Join.

Curly bracket in Inkscape

Source : Link , Question Author : calocedrus , Answer Author : filip

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