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I have some vector objects created in Inkscape and I am exporting them to a png files. I am using the exported images in another program.

The problem is, that even though the initial object is on transparent background, the resulting png has a thin white border around it which looks just terrible.

I have read somewhere, that the deafult export format is PNG-8, which should have transparent-functionality, but this feature is often not 100% supported (especially in older versions of software). Is exporting svg objects to PNG-24 a solution to this? I would try it but I have not found how to change the defualt export format in Inkscape.

What else could be done to eliminate this problem? Thanks for any tips!


After researching this issue, I found this similar question on SO (incorrectly posted BTW).

The accepted answer was:

I would actually export it as a SVG open it with Gimp, do additional
stuff if required and then save it as a PNG using Gimps save for web

Also found this FAQ

Inkscape FAQ Question

The PNGs exported by Inkscape have jagged edges/no antialiasing/funny

This is a problem with whatever you use to view these PNG
files, not with Inkscape. For example, Internet Explorer prior to
version 7 cannot show PNG files with transparency properly. Use e.g.
Firefox to view your PNGs. If you absolutely must support IE 6, you
can’t have transparent background in PNG; change it to opaque in
Document Preferences and export the PNG file again. Also, you should
look into using Dean Edwards’ IE7 Library: It fixes many CSS issues
and makes transparent PNG work correctly under IE5 and IE6. If you
want to open the exported PNG bitmaps in MS-Word, you will also have
to change the alpha-opacity (in document-properties dialog) to full,
and then export — the result will be much better.

Source : Link , Question Author : Smajl , Answer Author : Community

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