Inkscape: Get an outline of an object

I have an object, it is a t-shirt which is black. I want to get this t-shirt but brown. I can’t just fill it because it is a photo, not homogenous color. It is the pure shape of it, not square -> So I tried to make a brown square, and then clip->set when I had both selected. I get only white space, not brown t-shirt.

In my opinion, the solution is to get only an outline of this t-shirt and then to fill it with brown color. But I don’t know how to get an outline of it.

Will you give me an advice, how to do that? I’m very new in Inkscape. Thank you!


You can convert raster images to vector images by using Inkscape’s Trace bitmap function. There’s a great tutorial on this in the official documentation.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mill , Answer Author : Glutanimate

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