Inkscape Get Rotation of Object, Display Angle While Rotating

When rotating an object, I find the rotation angle of the object only in the status bar. The problem is, the instant I stop rotating, this display is covered up/replaced with the node selection before I’m able to read the exact angle of rotation.

Is there a way to set the display properties of the status bar, or some other way to display the rotation angle of objects while rotating them?

I understand how to rotate to specific angles with Transform. But, what I need is to display the precise angle while rotating the object by hand.


It is possible. File>XML editor, then click on the object in Inkscape drawing window. After selecting item, XML editor will point you to the exact object in the tree. Now look at the transform attribute, exactly at what’s inside rotate(). The unit is degrees. It also allows you to sets your attributes. Just beware of relative rotations. The object might appear rotated, but you can’t see the property – it’s usually because some parent node is rotated, mostly group or layer. The hierachy of the groups of objects is basically the same as in image – to get to the parent group, you just need to traverse up the tree. For another parent group, go even higher.

The XML editor is very hackish way to achieve some things that aren’t provided directly by Inkscape. If your object disappears, just press Undo and do it again. Remember to well-form attributes, i.e. without any unnecessary characters.

Example of the method

Source : Link , Question Author : STWilson , Answer Author : Krzysiu

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