Inkscape: how to manage sets of layers

I am using Inkscape to create some wireframes/click throughs. I would like a way toggle the visibility of groups/sets of layers.

For example, lets say I define the following sets:

Group 1 – Layer1 (hidden), Layer2 (visible), layer3 (hidden)
Group 2 – Layer1 (visible), Layer2 (hidden), layer3 (visible)

Then, I could switch between the two groups and would not have to update the states of the layers individually.


  1. Create an Empty layer and name it after the group name
  2. Drag all member of the group on top of the it in the Layers Panel (Shift+Ctrl+L)

I don’t know when they added this but I did it and it worked.

Source : Link , Question Author : BrianV , Answer Author : eshimoniak

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