Inkscape: Position a circle by its center and not the bounding box

Is it possible to position a circle in inkscape using the center? I’m designing a shape for a laser cutter and the circles are to outline mounting holes. Each hole is around 3.2mm.

I know one way is to just subtract the radius whenever positioning them. But I’ve got a large number of holes and it will increase the chances of error greatly (Instead of positioning at (14,14), I’ll be positioning it at (12.4,12.4).

This is the only thread I could find on this topic and sadly doesn’t have an answer. Does anyone know if there’s any way to do this?

EDIT: Just to clarify, I want to be able to position the holes exactly using the x and y values using the lower left hand corner of the sheet as the origin.



To draw a circle centering a starting point rather than within a box we can press Shift while drawing. For square ration (cicrle rather than ellipse) we can press Ctrl in addition.

To help starting at a specific node we may enable snapping to cusp nodes or to a grid.


To move a circle by its center we need to temporarily transfrom it to an arc (in path mode drag the round arc handle). We can then snap the circle’s center to e.g. cusp nodes, or to a grid by dragging the circle from its center.

enter image description here

The arc can then be transformed to a circle again by clicking “make whole” (enter image description here) when in path mode.

Manually edit x/y-position

To manually edit the precice circle center position we have to select an object to then open the XML-editor (ShiftCtrlX) where we can freely edit the center values cx and cy by giving any value and then press set.

enter image description here

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