Inkscape – Text gets clipped around end

I’ve been using Inkscape to design some prototype icons for a project I’m working on, and recently I ran into an issue with the battery design. The issue is my text for the battery gets clipped around the end. I haven’t ran into this issue on any other text objects. Here’s the image:

Battery icon

This isn’t much of an issue but since I’ll be using this in the actual project that I’m working on it is going to be an issue if it happens when I make the final icon. The font is Helvetica Neue if that helps. (And I’m using Partha’s Inkscape build (Inkscape 0.91))

Original SVG:


Your text is nested in a lot of groups, one of which is used by a clip path and is the cause of the truncation of the text. You can see it in the XML Editor:


The fastest way to free your text is select it and keep hit Shift-Ctrl-G to ungroup until your text is no more grouped:

Ungrouped text

Alternatively, you can change the size of the clipping rectangle.

Source : Link , Question Author : Joyesh , Answer Author : Paolo Gibellini

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