Introductory books on graphic design

I will probably get some downvotes for this since I asked a similar question here: and it was closed down. The answers/comments I had in that question where mostly concerning UI designing which is NOT what I am looking for. The title was a bit deceiving.

In the linked question, I had an answer that stated I should I read Visual Grammar by Christian LeBorg, which I have just finished.

The other links where mostly concerned with UI design which is not what I am looking for.

What would be a next good book I should read that focuses on design/print media?

I am looking to learn the basic principles behind designing such print media.

I am NOT talking about print requirements(print bleeds, DPI settings etc), I am mostly concerned about “Principles of Design”-style books.


Thanks for all the answers so far, I’m sure most of them are really nice. I can’t accept an answer until I have read some of the books here which I plan to do, I have lots of free time on my hands. For now I am reading Universal Principles of Design


I am not going to give you a massive list of resources, but as a basic understanding of graphic elements, I will recommend first:

Visual Grammar by Christian Leborg

I also think that seasoned designers would do well to dip into this now and then; we often get stuck in our use of elements. It goes right to the base of the nature of visual grammar.

Best thing is; you can download it for free from Google.

Since you have recently finished this, for type, I would suggest:

Thinking with type by Ellen Lupton

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