iOS, Android, etc., tablet devices in a design workflow?

I’m going to have to spring for one or more tablets (iPad, Tab, whatever) for testing ePubs, digital magazine ads, site rendering, etc. Because I don’t have the consumer nature and also because I’d like to get the best return on investment, I’m interested if any of these devices is also productively usable in a design workflow.

One could throw a portfolio onto a tablet for client presentations, of course, and Adobe has published an app that allows touch control of Photoshop, which might have potential.

It may be a year or two early to ask this question, but does anyone here have personal experience incorporating a tablet device into their web or general graphic work, whether in the studio or on the road? If so, did it prove useful?


The ipad has several sketching apps that I find useful for wireframing. It’s a decent tool for notetaking as well in meetings. You’ll want to get a stylus likely.

As for art, it has some fun art apps. But I mainly use them for fun rather than any sort of production work.

IMHO, the iPad is just a really fun device. Just enjoy it for what it is. Read some books, watch some netflix, play some games.

Source : Link , Question Author : Alan Gilbertson , Answer Author : DA01

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