iOS Simulator – Can’t log in with iCloud

I am trying to test the iCloud sync functionality of my app between a (real) device and the simulator, however I can’t seem to log into iCloud. When I go to Settings->iCloud and enter my account details, it just gets stuck on ‘Verifying’. However if I enter incorrect details, it brings up the invalid password prompt as expected.

Has anyone got a fix for this?


TL;TR Log into and agree to the terms.

It works. But there are some additional steps needed:

At work I tried with my new apple id: at work At first It didn’t work even though I was able to access iOS dev center. I realised that it is required to access to with such Apple ID and agree to the terms. After a few seconds I received a ‘Welcome to iCloud’ email to my work address and then I went back to the simulator and I successfully logged in.

BTW, for a personal account I have for ages and use regularly it worked from the beginning probably because I have agreed to the terms a long time ago.

So not only of or accounts work. All accounts work.

Source : Link , Question Author : Alex Blundell , Answer Author : shim

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