iPad in Graphic Design: actual usage

Most of my work I perform on MacBookPro, but also I have a retina-iPad device which I never use for any type of graphic design, thus I am looking for solution to the underuse of this costly device.

My question is: What actual design related tasks do you perform on iPads?

I am interested in actual usage and not in theoretical (“you can use it for xyz”).


I sketch a great deal… Prefer Adobe Ideas, Sketchbook Pro, Layers apps, and Pencil for that.

I explore web site wireframes….. iMockups app.

I’ll, on occasion, do a little coding (nothing complex though) … Codea app.

I write notes… Draftpad app.

I explore color… MyPantone app.

I accept credit card payments.. Square Register app.

I track my projects and to do items… Priorities app.

I test responsive web design… Safari

I test epub files…. iBooks

Source : Link , Question Author : Ilan , Answer Author : Scott

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