iPhone 12 to Mac photo transfer

I am trying to transfer some christmas photos from my iPhone to my Mac via airdrop but after the photos are downloaded on my Mac, around 80% of them are transferring as damaged or corrupt files and unable to be opened with any application (I tried different programs).

Its a new iPhone 12 and all the best quality photos (particularly the portrait mode ones) are crashing, whereas videos are fine.

I’m not able to connect it with a manual cable to use Photos or iTunes because the 12 has the new cable which doesn’t fit into my Macbook air. I can’t wirelessly sync it to iTunes either as the sync option is just greyed out.

If anyone has any advice on how to refresh airdrop, Mac or the phone so that it transfers the photos smoothly it would be great help.

Thank you and happy holidays!


Source : Link , Question Author : Rida , Answer Author : Community

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