Iphone photograph resolution suitable for 12″ album cover?

I’m hoping to use an image taken with an iPhone camera for a 12″ vinyl record cover. The image is an uncompressed TIFF, taken with the iPhone 5s 8mp camera at 3264×2448, using the 645 Pro app for an approximate file size of 24MB.

Sniffing around tells me the recommended max print size at 300 dpi for a photo at this resolution is 10.8″ X 8.1″. However, if I go slightly beyond that (i.e., enlarging to 12″x12″ in Photoshop for the album cover), is it going to look like garbage? With the presumption, that is, of a well-taken, in-focus photograph.

Thanks for any advice/recommendations! I am very much an amateur and new to many aspects of print production.


Assuming all is well technically with the image, most people won’t notice such a difference. 12″x12″ at 300DPI would be 3600×3600.

You can’t just increase the size of the image in photoshop; that’s not how this works. What you end up with is an image that is approximately 200DPI (2448/12″). While not ideal, it’ll work and be okay.

What you can do if you’re concerned is have the image printed at 12″ high and see for yourself.

Source : Link , Question Author : RBV , Answer Author : AMontpetit

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