Is DreamWeaver more efficient rather than coding manually

I have a client who want’s me to use Dreamweaver for a project. I’ve always used Photoshop and Illustrator for mockups and coded the CSS manually (Actually I use SASS/SCSS). Does using a program like Dreamweaver speed up the process or do I try to convince them that my normal flow works just fine.


Wow thats crazy. First of all, would you go to your doctor and insist on which tools he used to perform your surgery? Or your dentist?

Or would you take your car to your mechanic and tell them which tools he should use to repair your alternator?

Of cours not. And your clients request that you use a particular tool over another to perform your job is just as ridiculous.

What I would suggest is that you dig deeper with the client to find out why they are making said request. Get to their reasoning behind it.

It could be that they have some expectation about the final product which they have the impression only Dreamweaver can produce (such as CMS functionality or maintaining the code themselves) in which case you’ll need to educate them and manage their expectations.

As far as DW as a tool versus any other code editor – it’s the worst. Don’t use it. It’s a bloated piece of software and it’s auto generated code is very bad for several reasons I won’t go into now.

You are much better off writing semantic, meaningful markup by hand.

Good luck.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ben , Answer Author : Joel Glovier

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