Is giving attribution for using color compulsory?

Today I stumbled upon Color Palettes / Terms of Use, which says:

The rights of IN COLOR BALANCE are defended in accordance with the CREATIVE COMMONS license.

It confused me because I thought color can’t have license.

Sometimes I search on Google for color hex codes, or color palettes, and use them for my project. In that case, do I have to credit them? What if I only use one color out of 5 colors in a palette? Do I still have to credit then? Is it justifiable?

I use colors from many color palette sites, and I don’t remember all of them. In this case how can I attribute?


It is not possible to copyright a color or even a combination of colors.

It is possible to copyright the way a palette is presented. i.e. the images on that web site are copyrighted, not the colors themselves.

For example.. this..

enter image description here

.. is copyrighted and requires the attribution to Aaron Burden on Unsplash, since it’s his photo in the image.

But.. I can use #253532, #517f83, #9e8d77, #583d34, #1f1b17 all I want and never add any attribution for using those colors.

The attribution refers to reusing the photograph/palette as it’s presented on that web site.

If you are simply looking at the images on the site, writing down the colors and using them, there’s no need for any attribution.

Source : Link , Question Author : Faiz , Answer Author : Scott

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