Is holography technology accessible?

A client recently asked me if I was able to help him with a project to create a holographic 3D model on their business card, whose perspective would change as you orient the card, such as the mouse on top of this page, or the famous dove that Kurt Roald designed and that is visible on everyone’s payment card.

Of course the client isn’t Visa, and they’re not trying to make millions of cards, maybe up to a thousand. We can use either a 3D model, or a set of photos of real life object (extruded logo of the company) – we have both.

The project is really interesting, and I really wish I could help and learn more in the process, but the world of holographic design seems pretty closed off. Some vendors on Alibaba do Holographic printing, but they do not seem to be of a 3D photo or model, just a few vector 2D designs laid out on top of each other.

Is there a simple and accessible workflow for designers to produce this type of holographic designs?


Is there a simple and accessible workflow for designers to produce this type of holographic design?

The process is pretty simple.

  1. Contact a provider.

  2. Ask for the specific format.

  3. Provide all the documentation needed to have the record on who asked for the specific holo.

  4. Pay the fee.

  5. Receive the product.

Of course, the limitation is the fee.

A hologram is meant to be expensive because it is a security element. The point is that you can not make just 100 copies, because you will be selling your soul. But with mass production of 100,000 the price per unit justifies the security measure.

You can use a different approach, for example,

  1. Printing over a holographic foil, which has some depth, and a flat color logo on top.

You can find it as cardboard, or as film or adhesive.

Some other options are already mentioned in the comments:

  1. Lenticular design

  2. Engraver

  3. Some transparent layered card

  4. Some Augmented Reality app.

Source : Link , Question Author : MicroMachine , Answer Author : Rafael

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