Is it acceptable to make a Windows Phone 8 app that looks like an iOS app?

I’m trying to transition some clients apps to Windows Phone 8. These particular clients want their apps to look exactly like they do on iOS and Android (I tried to convince them they shouldn’t look the same on those platforms either, but I digress). Anyway I was under the belief that it would be very difficult to actually create a WP8 app that looked exactly like an iOS app, and that if a developer submitted an app like that it would be unlikely to pass Microsoft’s review process.

I can’t find any confirmation one way or the other on whether or not an iOS-like design would be acceptable the Windows Marketplace.


I don’t know of any place that MS has explicitly stated that they will reject anything that looks like iOS. On the other hand, I would be surprised if there isn’t an unspoken rule about it that would put you on the “don’t rush with that one” list.

Regardless of the official rules, ignoring the fact that Windows Phone is visually a notably different environment from iOS is a slap in the face to the user. In the vast majority of cases, the user made a conscious decision to go against the mobile norm. Regardless of their motives, ignoring that is a mistake.

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