Is it acceptable to use different but similar typefaces for print content and web content?

To be more specific, is it acceptable to have two different typefaces used for headers?

One will be used for web content and the other for print or more static content where the type won’t be at the mercy of someone else’s font collection.

And along these lines, is it acceptable to use two very similar typefaces for these two cases or would it be a dilution of brand identity?


There is a better way

The old approach to branded web type:

A. Render type in images to avoid font availability issues.
B. Use a system font that’s close but waaaay more clunky.

Don’t do that. Use web fonts. There are plenty of quality sources.

On a budget but still need high quality?
Go to Google Fonts. You can even download them for print. Font Squirrel has more but quality is variable.

Have a font for the brand already but now you need a web license?
It’s probably on either MyFonts or Typekit.

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