Is it generaly acceptable to use purchased vector graphics in paid work?

I understand the legalities of using stock images and vectors for things like logos. But i want to know if it is unprofessional, or negative to use purchased vector graphics in freelancing design work?


Of course you can use purchased graphics in freelance work because it is therefore they are selling in the market. But when it comes to use them on a logo it is not a good idea because a good logo is something has been designed by lots of sketches, research, and design iterations. It is the first thing seen by the audience to know the business behind that logo.

If you are using a vector or any other graphic either it is purchased or not in your logo design then you are not giving your client a personalized service that means you are just trying work smart by incorporating a third-party stuff. You should be fully sincere about the service you are offering to your client although, you can use fonts either it is purchased or not in the logo design but using vector shapes and design in the actual logo that’s not fair.

Best of luck.

Source : Link , Question Author : user7604 , Answer Author : Lightcoder

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