Is it good practice to add additional space before a punctuation mark after emphazised text?

Is there a typographic convention or practice about placing punctuation marks after emphazised text?

I ran across this example on a website today that adds an additional space after emphazised text when the next glyph is a punctuation mark. (However, there is no extra space if the next glyph is the next word’s beginning.)

enter image description here

The red circled spots are what I am refering to, in contrast to normal punctiation marks, which are underlined red.

I basically understand this choice, so what I am really looking for would be citations or references to a style guide that outlines this practice. Explanations as to why or why not this is or should be done are welcome also, just to see what is people’s take on this.


No, no, no, absolutely not, no, hell to the no, no way, and if I were working on this document in any capacity I would be looking for my Hammer of NO to hit the originator with. Did mention “no”?

There is no reason, rule, suggestion, guide, stricture, or recommendation to put a space before a mark of punctuation. What I see there is someone who either doesn’t understand how typesetting works, or someone who coded the HTML by hand and didn’t preview to see how it looked.

Your first instinct to “dismiss this as plain wrong” was right on target.

(I am also an editor and proofreader, so this makes me scream from two directions.)

Source : Link , Question Author : kontur , Answer Author : Lauren-Clear-Monica-Ipsum

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