is it okay to mix two font styles on the front page of a web site?

I am developing a static website which has to look professional.

I found a font (Quicksand) that looks good as a short introductory kind of message / slogan that goes just under the header on the front page.

For the rest of the front page where I detail the services provided and all that jazz, I’d rather use some other less fancy sans like helvetica or verdana. Is it ever okay, from a web design standpoint, to mix two fonts or does it look amateurish?

Otherwise, if I consider using it in the whole site, do you think Quicksand looks good and is legible enough for walls of text with several paragraphs?


It’s perfectly reasonable to use two fonts on a site, especially when your plan is to use one of the fonts as a heading. I wouldn’t use the font Quicksand (or really any font that I’d use as a title), as the font for paragraphs. Often they lack legibility and/or just don’t look right.

So there’s no problem generally with using two fonts on a website, but after two, I’d really start to weigh up the pros and cons of using multiple. Using too many can start to clutter the page and ruin any typographic hierarchy (see here) you have have begun to establish.

Have fun 🙂

Source : Link , Question Author : DPM , Answer Author : emmet

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