Is it possible to a use guides in MS Office similar to Photoshop?

Is there a way to use guides in MS Office Word and PowerPoint as you can in Photoshop? I wish to do the same in Office for moving things at a certain distance as we do in Photoshop.

guiding in photoshop


MS Office users can live without quides. They can switch on the grid that has easily customizable horizontal and vertical spacings.

Alternatively they can easily draw colored lines that can be used as quides and deleted when not any more needed. This would be impractical in Photoshop because every line needs a layer and some coloring, too.

In Office: Draw the line holding Shift =>you get exactly horizontal, vertical or 45 degrees tilted line as you want. Dragging a line holding Ctrl makes a copy.

If snap is on, the object you drag snaps to the line, if it gets near enough.

Source : Link , Question Author : sajad , Answer Author : user287001

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