Is it possible to construct the letter ‘s’ out of flat shapes?

I am looking to learn how to create my own text logos, without using any typefaces. This particular design is to feature the word ‘swerve’, but I’m having a difficult time with the letter ‘s’. All the other letters have been built by adding and subtracting shapes, but I find it extremely difficult to construct an ‘s’ shape that does not look out of place. Is it possible to build an ‘s’ shape out of flat shapes, by for example adding and subtracting layers of circles, or do I have to play with the pen tool until I get it right?

Note: I’m using Photoshop CS6.

This is the design that I’m going for:

enter image description here


Based on the look of what you supplied, here is what I would recommend:

enter image description here

For further clarity:

enter image description here

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