Is it possible to correct the aspect ratio of font after resizing in Illustrator?

I have a plot with lots of labels on the x- and y-axes in Illustrator. I want to downscale the image vertically, but not horizontally. Obviously, when I do this the text looks silly as it becomes distorted.

Is there a way, after the fact, to change the text aspect ratio back to its original, while keeping the image vertically scaled?

Googling I didn’t find an answer. Note this is different from asking how to maintain global aspect ratio when resizing (I know to do that to hold down shift key when resizing).

What I’m doing now is very time consuming: I ungroup, pull the text away, resize the image, and then drag the text back in manually and resize it separately. This is incredibly inefficient and time consuming. It feels stupid.


The only real way to reset text is possibly to select it and look to the Character Panel.

If the text object has been scaled non-proportionally, the width and height fields will be something other than 100%. Simply reset them to 100%.

enter image description here

Other than this, I know of no way to reset text if it has been transformed other than to retype it in a new text object.

However, you may find using Select > Object > Text Object And then Object > Lock > Selection useful. This will lock the text objects in place, allow you to resize the art work, then use Object > Unlock All and all the text objects are selected again.

I’m not 100% this will work for your particular files, but it may be helpful.

Source : Link , Question Author : neuronet , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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