Is it possible to generate a gradient from color swatches?

I am trying to generate two gradients using color swatches in Adobe Illustrator. It took me a very long time to find out that it’s possible to save the colors using “Add Used Colors”, and as it can generate the swatches automatically, I was wondering: is it possible to generate a range of colors from the swatches?

I mean – is it possible to pick one color from the swatches menu, and another one, and using them generate a long gradient (including any color that is between the two)?

I already saved the range of colors that I want, but if there is any way to make my life easier and generate the gradient without really picking every color, it will be awesome.


You can add colors to a gradient simply by dragging the color swatch onto the gradient palette, on the gradient line.

If you want to remove a color from a gradient, drag it down from the gradient line.

Once your gradient is done, you can drag it from the gradient palette back into the color swatch palette to create a new swatch with the gradient.

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