Is it possible to get Inkscape’s bucket fill to entirely fill regions marked by lines?

I’ve noticed there’s a slight gap between shapes and lines in which bucket-fill is applied (to the enclosed areas found therein) and the colour fill in Inkscape, is there any way of removing this gap (besides the older-fashion manual way by manipulating the borders of the bucket fill, which is very tedious)?


The area of fill (inset/outset) can be controlled by using grow/shrink option displayed in control panel when paint bucket is selected. Setting this value less than 0 (negative) makes the fill path smaller (ref image 1). Here I have set the value to -5px.
Image 1

Setting the value greater than 1 (positive) makes the fill path larger than the enclosed area (ref image 2). Have set this value to +5 px.
im 2

Thus the required fill can be achieved by varying the values.

Source : Link , Question Author : Josh Pinto , Answer Author : chanduc

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